Rest assured that your patients will be well taken care of and there will be constant communication between our nurses and your office in regards to your patients' recovery. Our nurses receive continued education and in-services to ensure they are knowledgably conveying accurate intelligent information to you and your patients

  • Transplant- wound care.
  • Orthopedics- a comprehensive and detailed Physical therapy plan of care.
  • Infectious Disease – Lab orders and results relayed to your office.
  • Pain Management.
  • Patients with Nutritional Problems: TPN.
  • Immunology.
  • General Surgery.
  • Neurology.
  • Cardiology- Anticoagulant monitoring with immediate results Pulmonary.

Physician Referral Form

Referral Guidelines

Medicare covers home health services for individuals who are confined to their homes and in need of skilled nursing care on an intermittent basis or physical therapy, speech-language pathology, or where they have a continuing need for occupational therapy. To qualify for coverage, a patient must be under the care of a physician who certifies the need for care and that the individual is confined to his home.

A recent change in the law adds a new requirement to qualify for Medicare coverage. To encourage greater involvement of the physician in a patient's home health care services, a new law requires that the patient be seen face-to-face by the physician, or certain non-physician practitioners working with the physician, before home health services start or soon thereafter.
Physician responsible for performing the initial certification (admission or start of care) document that the face-to-face occurred
Patient encounter be related to the primary reason the patient requires home health services

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Referral Information

Non-Discriminatory Policy

Advantage Home Health Plus Inc. does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, or age in admission, treatment, or participation in it's programs, services and activities, or in employment. For further information about this policy, contact: our Corporate compliance officer. (847) 234-9705, (Voice/TTY)