Who pays for my Home Health Service?

Medical Home Health services are paid for depending on the insurance coverage of the patient. Patients with Medicare are covered under their Medicare benefits upon the condition that they have met all requirements. Patients with private insurance, their benefit might differ depending on the kind of plan they have.

Why do I need Homecare?

Based on the evaluation by your consulting physician it might be necessary for you to heal in your home for a period of time. In order to receive skilled services, patients have to be considered homebound. Your consulting physician and or/surgeon will then write a prescription for you to receive either skilled nursing or other skilled services we offer.

My parent (Mom / Dad / In-Law) has fallen twice this week, can he/she use home healthcare?

If you feel a loved one is a fall risk, we strongly advocate home health physical therapy. They are able to help the patient work on their ambulation skills and although they will not get them to a state of where they might be competing in a 400m sprint, they will be able to help the patient move about with less pain and with gained strength.

What if I don’t like my nurse?

We do try our best to place each patient with a nurse that we feel will be able to give them the best service and knowledge, based on their condition. There will be times when personalities will not sync; in this case we just ask that you kindly contact our office immediately and our Director of Clinical Services will make the needed change.

What are your hours?

Our office hours are from 9am-5pm but we have a phone line that is available 24hrs a day 7 days a week and you will be able to speak with an Advantage representative.

Who hires your caregivers?

Advantage Home Health Plus hires all our caregivers and they undergo a thorough interview process, background check and reference check to ensure they are well vetted and placed on our team. They also undergo continued training.

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